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10/30/16 Dealing with Division Nehemiah 4.  Our world is divided—by politics, by race, by social status.  How does the gospel help us overcome social division?
10/23/16 What’s Really Broken? Nehemiah 1:1-2:8.  Nehemiah’s prayer reflects a love for his city.  How does the gospel provoke a love for our city?
10/02/2016 Completing and Finishing Ministry Well 2 Timothy 4:1-8—Is it better to live a happy life or a meaningful one?
09/18/2016 Character in Doing Ministry 2 Timothy 2—What is the value of character today?
08/21/2016 Elijah: When Success Doesn’t Satisfy 1 Kings 18-19—Why doesn’t success bring the happiness it promises?
08/14/2016 Jonah: “Runaway Prophet” [Partly a children’s sermon]—How does Jonah’s calling mirror our own?
07/24/2016 Moses: My Will Be Done Numbers 20—What are the consequences of living life on our own terms?
06/19/2016 Source: Mercy and Rainwater Matthew 5:45—God’s goodness is everywhere—how do we experience it?
06/05/2016 Garden to Garden Helping us see the Bible as a story of a garden defiled and a garden restored.
05/15/2016 Why Leadership? What are the types and functions of leadership within the Church?
05/01/2016 Why Ritual? What is the meaning of baptism and communion?
04/17/2016 Why Learn? Is there value in being a student of the Bible?
04/10/2016 Why Dogma? Message on the role and value of doctrine in today’s society.
03/27/2016 Raised to Life Easter message on the personal power of the resurrection.
03/13/2016 Washed Clean Sin evokes a sense of disgust.  How does the cross make us clean?
02/14/2016 A New Outlook 1 Peter 4:1-19—If this world is all there is, then we are discouraged by suffering and scandal. Christianity promises a better future, which changes our outlook on our present mission.
01/31/2016 A New People and a New Privilege 1 Peter 2:11-3:7—What does it mean to submit in an “on-demand” world?
01/10/2016 A New Hope 1 Peter 1:1-12—Christ’s followers exist as “elect exiles”—strangers to today’s culture, yet chosen by God for his eternal purpose.
12/27/2015 The Resolution Will Not Be Televised New Year’s sermon—How does the gospel move us from mere self-improvement to personal transformation?
11/15/2015 Why Marriage? Does marriage have a purpose?  God’s timeless purposes for marriage remain relevant to today’s timely questions.
11/08/2015 Why Sex? The Bible says that there is a design for sexuality that is beautiful and good.
11/01/2015 Why Gender? God designed men and women for equality, not uniformity. What does God’s word tell us about God’s design for gender?
09/20/2015 A Greater Plan Esther 2—God’s plan is bigger than the immediate stories we find ourselves in.
08/16/2015 Response to the Kingdom Matthew 21:33-46; 25:1-13—People respond to the gospel in different ways, but there can be no substitute for a lifetime of devotion.
08/09/2015 Keeping the Books Luke 16:1-13—The shrewd manager teaches us that eternal values take priority over temporary satisfaction.
07/12/2015 Life of the Party Luke 14:12-24—The gospel turns religion into a celebration rather than an exclusive club.
06/28/2015 Why Forgive? Matthew 18:21-35—How do we respond when someone harms or offends us?
05/31/2015 Why Stories? Mark 4:1-20—Jesus revealed God’s truth in stories called “parables.”  How is the human heart sensitized by story?
05/03/2015 The IDENTITY Principle Ecclesiastes 2—Our sense of entitlement stems from the demand to be admired.  How does our new identity in Christ set us free to live generously?
04/19/2015 Jesus and our Father’s Discipline Hebrews 12:3-17—Can God use personal suffering to bring us closer to him?
03/29/2015 Jesus and the Eradication of Guilt Hebrews 9—We live in a culture where guilt and shame persist.  But instead of demanding our blood, God offers his own.
03/15/2015 Jesus and the Basis for Growth Hebrews 5:11-6:20—How do we maintain faith in God despite our circumstances?
02/22/2015 Jesus: God’s Final Word Hebrews 1:1-2:18—God makes himself known through his Word—on the page and in the flesh.
01/25/2015 “Personal Holiness Will Come When I’m Older” 1 Pe 1:13-25—How does the gospel transform our desire for happiness into a commitment to holiness?
11/16/2014 Dealing with Guilt 2 Samuel 11; Psalm 51—Our sins make us dirty; the cross makes us clean.
11/02/2014 David’s Legacy 2 Samuel 6-7—God establishes true worship through what Christ achieved.
10/26/2014 Faithfulness in Suffering 1 Samuel 25—God faithfully provides for his people.
10/12/2014 The True Spiritual Giant 1 Samuel 17—Our greatest adversary isn’t some earthly struggle, but the enslaving power of sin and death.  How does Jesus defeat these giants?
09/28/2014 The PURPOSE of Scripture: What is the Bible Basically About? The whole Bible is one true story.  What’s it about?
09/07/2014 The AUTHORITY of Scripture: Is the Bible Too Restrictive? Why should I base my life on the teachings of an ancient book?
08/24/2014 Earthly King: Why Follow Jesus? Psalm 72—Jesus is the true and better King.  What does it mean to not merely love Jesus, but to serve him as Lord?
08/03/2014 Torah: How Do I Know God’s Will? Psalm 1, 19b—Does God have a plan for my life?
07/06/2014 Lament: What Do I Do With My Guilt? Psalm 51—How can our guilt and shame be dealt with.
06/08/2014 Why Worship Anything? Psalm 96—All of life is worship.  What we worship, we become—whether for our benefit or for our ruin.
04/27/2014 Soul Purpose Philippians 1—For Paul, the gospel was his truest purpose in life.  What’s yours?
03/30/2014 Is the World Going to End? What do Isaiah’s prophecies reveal about God’s future?
03/16/2014 Why Go to Church? Haggai encouraged God’s people to remain faithful to God’s temple.  How do God’s people today remain faithful to the Church?
02/23/2014 Why Do We Suffer? Does God allow bad things to happen to good people? The prophecies of Zephaniah and Lamentations reveal God’s eternal purposes in temporary suffering.
02/09/2014 Whose Voice Do We Listen To? Micah and Jeremiah encourage God’s people to focus on the voice of God.
11/10/2013 The True Bread John 6—Do you see God as beautiful or merely useful?
10/20/2013 The True Temple John 2-3—God calls some to repent of self-indulgence, others he calls away from self-righteousness.
09/15/2013 Theologically Sound Believers Psalm 1—How is God’s character the source of human flourishing?
08/25/2013 Praying in Post-Christian America Acts 27:1-44—Paul is shipwrecked at Malta.  Our response to suffering serves as testimony to an unbelieving world.
08/04/2013 Praying for Mission Acts 13:1-3, 42-52—Early Christians prayed for the success of the first missionaries. So too do Christ’s followers today pray for the spread of the gospel.
07/14/2013 Praying for Church Leadership Acts 6:1-7—The earliest Christians had to establish multiple layers of church leadership.  What is God’s timeless plan for leading his Church?
05/05/2013 My Hope: The Gospel-Centered Life What does it mean to follow Jesus?
03/24/2013 I Feel Dirty The doctrine of “expiation” promises that we can be purified from sexual sin.

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