Chris Wiles, "Logos." Oil Pastel on Paper. 18x24" 2007

At considerable risk of self-promotion, today’s artist is none other than myself. The above piece of artwork is entitled Logos, done in oil pastel on paper.

The Greek word logos is most literally translated as “word,” as it appears in the prologue to John’s gospel. To the Jews it referred to God’s revelation, and to the Greeks it referred to the universal world-soul of philosophy. And in the context of John’s gospel it refers to the unique way that Christ took on flesh to dwell among mankind.

The vein/artery combination reflects Christ’s dual nature: he was both fully God and fully man. Like the vein and artery, these natures were inseparable, yet at the same time remaining uniquely distinct.

The artery branching off reflects Christ’s entrance into the world, illuminating the darkness with His light. The flecks of white and gold represent the Spirit’s unique involvement in His life.

The deep red background represents the humanity into which the Word became incarnate, and the sgraffito (scratching technique) used on the background is itself a hint of the brokenness and ugliness of the world into which Christ came. 

Finally, the composition is done from right to left, contrary to what western interpreters might expect. In the same way Christ entered the world through humble and unexpected means.

This work is the fifth in a larger series depicting God’s redemptive story from creation to re-creation. The series is reproduced in the form of a book entitled Dearly Beloved, and may be purchased through me directly by contacting me at

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